How To Use A Bra Extender

If your bras are  fitting a little too tight and you hate the idea of spending money on a new set of bras, then a bra extender might be the solution you have been looking for. You may have gained a little weight and are planning on losing it, but you don’t want to go out and buy another expensive bra that you aren’t even going to use after you get the weight off. Or, you might have just found out that you are expecting and don’t want to buy several new bras just to use for nine months.

A bra extender is the perfect fix if you are going through any of the above situations. A good quality bra can be very expensive, and the thought of wasting money on a bra that you aren’t going to use but for a short time can be difficult to stomach. A bra extender allows you to get up to three inches added on to your existing bra. It is also a great way to get some added comfort to a bra that you might be wearing that is a little too tight. Comfort is the key when it comes to using a bra extender.

When wearing a bra, you should feel comfortable whilte still being lifted and supported. A bra extender should be attached to your bra while still provding lift. You want to put your setting on a row that is not too tight, but is still snug enough to make your breast look enhanced. A bra extender should not make your bra just sit on top of your bust and give no support.

A bra extender is a great for any woman to get mileage out of their existing bras when they are fitting a little too tight for comfort. An extender is great for women who have gain a little weight, women who are expecting a baby, or women who just want a little extra comfort from a bra that is simply uncomfortable. When purchasing a bra extender be sure to choose one of a quality brand. When you choose a bra extender that is a quality brand you will get much more use out of it wash after wash.